From our backyard to the table.Seasonal kitchen.Natural, organic and biodynamic wines.100% organic and seasonal ingredients.

Rua Professor Atilio Inocenti, 811,
Vila Nova Conceição, São Paulo

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Monday to Friday, from 19h to 24h – Saturday, from 20h to 24h


Saturdays, from 11 am to 4 pm

11. 3846 03 84

Tastings, weddings, birthdays, big tables. We've done a little of everything. As we have few tables and are a small team, we are able to adjust exactly to what you need. When in doubt, contact us!

What is Enoteca?

Our kitchen

We make simple food, with good ingredients, preserving the flavor. The menu is free, without rules and without pretensions.

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Natural, organic and biodynamic wines

We are pioneers in working with natural wines in Brazil. Our wine list is 100% natural , organic and biodynamic since 2010 and has about 200 labels in rotation monthly, served in their bottles or by the glass.

Learn more about it Only free, sincere, authentic, pure, alive, healthy wines. Want to buy?
Pães de fermentação natural

Pães de fermentação natural

Começou faz uns 6 anos. Quem olha hoje a cozinha da Enoteca não imagina que durante a maior parte da vida nós usamos um fogão caseiro de 6 bocas e… mais

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Rua Professor Atilio Inocenti, 811,
Vila Nova Conceição, São Paulo

11. 3846 03 84

We recommend making reservations - Tables above 6 people only with previous menu reservation

Compras realizadas após o dia 19/02 serão despachadas a partir do dia 02/03