– Monday to Friday, from 19h to 24h – Saturday, from 20h to 24h –

Our dishes are seasonal and most of them are made with ingredients that we grow ourselves in our organic gardens; therefore, subject to harvest availability and daily changes.

Summer Menu

3.02 | 08.02

Coffee grounds “left over” sourdough bread, fermented butter, Brazilian olive oil, keffir salt, lactofermented jabuticaba. R $ 23

Acir Boroto’s  artisanal salami, sourdough rye bread, cambuci chutney. R $ 29

‘Piá’ cheese, Pé do morro. ‘Guaianá’ cheese, Rima. ‘Bem Brasil Lavado’, Bella Fazenda. Guava jam, spelt sourdough bread. R $ 49

Flaked tapioca cheese bread, ‘Kanonenko’ cheese, taioba pesto. R $ 17

Spelt ravioli, free-range egg yolk, goat’s ricotta cream, fermented herbal butter. R $ 29

Calf tongue, fermented coconut sauce, ‘baleeira’ herb. R $ 35

Chicken heart, mashed toasted onions, sourdough toast, leeks. R $ 35

Grilled ‘maxixe’ and Cambuci pepper, crackling flour. R $ 29

Lamb, tzatziki, crispy mint. R $ 65.

Rice, chickpeas, shitake, cavolo nero, fried onion. R $ 65

Vegetables of the week, soft egg or sheep cheese. R $ 45

Potato gnocchi, purple almeirão, fermented brazil’s nut sauce. R $ 65

Fermented cassava canerdelli ‘puba’, breadcrumbs, fermented coconut milk, red pepper, coriander. R $ 65

Chicken, breadcrumb crust from our sourdough breads, mayonnaise, taioba’s  stalks, ora pro nobis. R $ 65

Grilled squids, pure açaí,  cambuci’s pepper sauce , “d’água” cassava flour, flocked tapioca, aviú. R $ 75

Goat’s milk pannacotta with guava jam. R $ 23

100% Wild cocoa brigadeiro, 70% cocoa chocolate chips and crispy chocolate cake. R $ 23

Brazilian creamy cornmeal cake with artisanal cured cheese. R $ 23

Personalized menu, made according our availability of ingredients, preferences or dietary restrictions on the table. Natural wines selected on the day to harmonize.

4 courses menu … R$239

6 courses menu … R$289

– Saturdays, from 11 am to 4 pm –

Half breakfast: 

Naturally fermented breads, fermented butter. – R$ 23

Flaked tapioca cheese breads, purple ‘almeirão’ pesto. – R$ 17

Three pieces of artisanal cheese from São Paulo, jam. – R$ 29

Vegetable quiche from the garden, leaf salad. – R$ 29

Naturally fermented toast , home mayonnaise, cured meat, radiccio, vinegar, eggs. – R$ 28

Tostex of buttery artisan cheese, corn bread. – R$ 25

Frying pan of cavolo nero, fermented coconut sauce, pepper, onions, eggs and ricotta. – R$ 29

Açaí bowl with pineapple, granola, honey and nasturtium flowers. – R$ 39

Sweets (each) – R$ 19

Half lunch: 

Rice, chickpeas, shitake, cavolo nero, crispy onion. – R$ 35

Grilled cambuci pepper, crackling powder. – R$ 29

Riso al Salto, vegetables from the garden and fried egg – R$ 29

Tongue, fermented coconut sauce, baleeira, chives. – R$ 35

Grilled mushrooms, reduced goat whey.– R$ 35

Honey – Jam – Taioba Pesto – Dulce de leche – Fermented butter > R $ 6

Half Sober 

Milks: fresh goat or cow, coconut oats and ginger. 

Coffee: see our list of Brazilian and Brazilian coffees.

Coffe of the day, V60 – R $ 8

+ cup of milk – R $ 6

Turmeric milk: milk, turmeric, ginger, raw honey – R$ 12

Matcha latte: matcha, milk, ginger, raw honey – R$ 12

Dirty Chai: chai, milk, coffee – R$ 12

Peruvian Maca: creamy, with spices, coconut milk and ginger- R$ 12

Cold tea infusion: (24h) black Obaatian black tea, lemon, cardamom, mint – R$ 19

Cold Brew: coffee infused for 24 hours, lemon and ice – R$ 12

Seasonal herbal infusion: leaves and herbs from your gardens – R$ 10

Medicinal Infusion from our gardens – R$ 10

Teapot – R$ 16

> Order our list of Chinese and Indian teas.

Kombucha – R$ 15

Organic grape juice – R$ 12

Organic Cajuína – R$ 15

Green juice from our organic garden: leaves and herbs from our garden, lemon and ginger – R$ 12

Sparkling or still water – R$ 6.50

> Flavored filtered water is free. 

Half Drunk:

Bottle of medicinal herbs: organic cachaça infused 3 months with medicinal herbs from our garden, hibiscus and orange peel: sparkling water and ice – R$ 15

Spontaneous fermentation deer cup – R$ 13

Glass of cider – R$ 20

Glass of wine – R$ 20 or R$ 25

> Ask for our wine list: there are more than 200 labels of only natural, organic and biodynamic.

> We only accept cash, debit and credit. We do not accept checks.

> Musical cover charge – R $ 16 (per person)

Musical cover charge R$ 16 (per person)


We recommend making reservations – Tables above 6 people only with previous menu reservation


Rua Professor Atilio Inocenti, 811,
Vila Nova Conceição, São Paulo

11. 3846 03 84

We recommend making reservations - Tables above 6 people only with previous menu reservation

Compras realizadas após o dia 19/02 serão despachadas a partir do dia 02/03